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Next Generation Therapies

Engine Bioscience is combining biological 
experimentation with AI ​to accelerate drug discovery.
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is a venture-backed technology company integrating high-throughput experimental biology and data science to map and decipher complex biological networks for more effective and efficient drug discovery.
Deciphering Biological 

We have proprietary and patented technologies that dramatically accelerate and cheapen the R&D process by reducing this exponentially scaling problem into a linearly scaling one.  This includes both experimental biology technologies for data generation and machine learning algorithms.  

We also have a team that is well-placed to execute, comprising the inventors of our technologies (who are pioneers in the space at leading academic centers), experienced entrepreneurs, and deep-pocketed investors from both the technology and biotech realms.

Our Mission

is to discover and accelerate development of powerful therapies for complex diseases by leveraging our breakthrough, ultra-efficient discovery platform.


Accelerating drug discovery: Engine has developed a fundamentally de-risked platform for drug discovery across cell types and applications.

Developing the world’s first network biomedicine platform: Engine’s technology is not limited to one particular disease type – instead, it can be targeted at any number of therapeutic and medical applications.

Tackling a fundamental healthcare problem: Engine’s artificial intelligence and genetic perturbation platform allows researchers to not only uncover the gene interactions underlying disease, but also test therapies that specifically target these interactions faster and more cheaply than currently possible.

Building a world-class team supported by top biotech investors: With successful proofs of concept published in leading academic journals and a scientific founding team from MIT, Harvard, Mayo Clinic, and UCSD, Engine’s platform is credible.


“talking about the future of bioscience is akin to Alexander Graham bell discussing personal computing — our first priority needs to be flexibility and talent; creating a team that is up to the challenges of this exciting, rapidly changing field.”

                                — Jeffrey Lu, CEO

Jeffrey Lu

Co-Founder, CEO

Timothy Lu

M.D., Ph.D. (Co-Founder, Director, Co-Chair of Scientific  Advisory Board)

Jim Collins 

Ph.D. (Co-Chair of Scientific Advisory Board)

Hu Li

Scientific Founder

Prashant Mali

 Ph.D. (Scientific Founder)

Asha Shekaran

 Ph.D. (Lead Biological Scientist & Platform Leader)

Yogavalli Poobalan

Sadiduddin Edbe Selamat

David Epstein

Ph.D. (Advisor)

Daphne Teo

Co-Founder, Operations,





We are currently recruiting experienced molecular biologists and computational biologists who have a passion for translational science.

If you find our science and mission exciting, are keen to work with an innovative biotech start-up in scientific or business roles, and feel that you can be a valuable member of our team, please contact us.

Partners and Collaborators

Our platform accelerates and broadens critical areas of drug discovery, including but not limited to Target Discovery, Drug Repositioning and Repurposing, Pathway/MoA Analysis.  


We also have a burgeoning pipeline of preclinical assets in numerous disease indications. We are developing these programs internally and with partners. We partner actively to multiply the impact of our platform. To learn more about partnering opportunities, please contact us


Engine Biosciences is a venture-backed San Francisco- and Asia-based biotech company pioneering network biomedicine. Engine’s proprietary and patented technologies includes both experimental biology methods for data generation and artificial intelligence algorithms for data analysis and predictions. These technologies, developed through several years of research in MIT, Harvard, Mayo Clinic, and UCSD, dramatically accelerate and cheapen the R&D process for new medical therapies.

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