Deciphering Biological Complexity to Unleash Many Impactful Medicines

We digitize and decipher complex biology with cutting-edge technologies to discover and develop life-changing medicines

We integrate machine learning and high-throughput experimental systems in a closed-loop to interrogate complex networks of gene interactions and pinpoint specific components for therapeutics and patient selection.

Our technology platform, covered by an extensive patent and IP estate, for unbiased computational predictions and large-scale, well-controlled experimental testing with combinatorial CRISPR break important bottlenecks. This enables systematic deciphering of biology and, together with our chemistry and drug discovery capabilities, scalable expansion of our portfolio of targets and assets.

With these capabilities built over many years by domain experts, we identify errors in the genetic codes underlying diseases and debug them with therapeutics. We are developing our wholly-owned preclinical and discovery pipeline in precision oncology, as well as with partners across other disease areas.

What We Do

Pinpoint biology critical to treating disease and identifying patients

Understanding biology is critical for the right drugs to be given to the right patients for the right outcomes. We deploy our technology platform and drug development perspectives to identify and validate therapeutic targets, often in association with biomarkers for likely responsive patients in the clinic.

Translate biology insights into products for precision medicine

We are advancing and growing our preclinical and discovery pipeline in multiple diseases, including our internal efforts in precision oncology. Our targets are generally linked to relevant biomarkers that can be detected by diagnostics for patient selection.

Repeat and scale our platform and processes

We engineered our technologies and organization into a system that iterates and improves. We built our company with the long-term in mind and an intent to scale impact with increasing technology and operating leverage.

Partner to amplify our impact

Our NetMAPPR platform delivers more novel biology insights than we can address alone. We are motivated to work with great people and companies to go broader, further, faster. Our platform is not constrained by disease or therapeutic modality, opening opportunities for many mutually beneficial partnerships.

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