Deciphering Biological Complexity to Unlock Drug Discovery


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Drug Discovery Using High-Throughput Gene Editing and Machine Learning

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Emerging Enterprise Award, Most Innovative 2018


Pfizer Golden Ticket Award 2018


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Drug Discovery’s
Complexity Problem

Recent scientific and clinical advances have revealed that many of the most debilitating diseases, from cancer to neurodegenerative disorders, result from malfunctions in multiple genes and pathways. Traditional approaches to drug discovery – which rely on serial trial-and-error testing of individual therapies or targets – are too slow and costly to test and map the huge number of genetic interactions that underlie these diseases.

Our Mission

We're on a mission to unleash faster and more effective drug discovery. Led by experts in the fields of computational and synthetic biology and drug discovery, we are pioneering network biomedicine - combining high-throughput, massively parallel biological experimentation with high-throughput computation to empower better drug development and medicine.

Faced with these problems, our team asked a few questions:


What if instead of serial experimentation (“one by one”), we could do massively parallel experimentation (“all at once”)?


What if we had rich datasets on genetic interactions in specific biological (e.g. disease) contexts?


What if we could use these datasets to build cellular maps, which could be probed to build a predictive engine for drug discovery?

Our Approach
Our Novel Network
Biomedicine Platform

Our proprietary and patented technologies bring speed, scalability, and cost advantages to the R&D process.


Our high-throughput biological experimentation technologies reduce the exponentially scaling problem of deciphering biological networks into a linearly scaling one.


Our tools for proprietary data generation and artificial intelligence approaches are building a more effective predictive engine for drug discovery and medicine. 


Our technologies can be applied across cell types and disease indications, meaning we can extend our impact to touch millions of lives worldwide.

What We Do

Accelerating drug discovery: Engine has developed an extensively validated platform for drug discovery that provides orders-of-magnitude gains in speed, scalability, and cost.

Developing a systematic, scalable network biomedicine platform: Engine’s artificial intelligence and genetic perturbation platform allows researchers and drug developers to uncover the gene interactions and biological networks underlying diseases faster and more cost-effectively than conventionally, test therapies that specifically target these interactions, and make important analyses and predictions for precision medicine applications.

Tackling a fundamental healthcare problem: We still don’t understand the critical biological drivers for specific disease contexts, and this prevents us from creating targeted therapies for patients in need.

Building a world-class team supported by top investors: Our scientific leadership team sits at the forefront of systems and synthetic biology, genome engineering, and data science.  Collectively we have founded over ten technology and biotech companies which have achieved commercial success and technological breakthroughs, and we are passionate about applying our entrepreneurial experiences to our mission at Engine.  Our investors represent some of the world’s leading investors and domain experts in biotech and deep tech.

Our Team

Scientific Founders and SAB 

Timothy Lu

M.D., Ph.D. (Co-Founder, Board Director, Co-Chair of Scientific  Advisory Board)

Jim Collins 

Ph.D. (Co-Chair of Scientific Advisory Board)

Hu Li

Ph.D. (Scientific Founder)

Prashant Mali

 Ph.D. (Scientific Founder)

David Epstein

Ph.D. (Advisor)

Martin Kampmann

Ph.D. (Scientific Advisor)


Jeffrey Lu

(Co-Founder, CEO, Board Director)

Stephen Harrison

Ph.D. (Chief Scientific Officer and SVP)

Yaron Turpaz

Ph.D., MBA (Chief Information Officer)

Taylor Brew

 Ph.D. (Senior Director, Research)

Yuanyuan Xiao

Ph.D (Senior Director of Bioinformatics and Data Science)

Michael Winther
Ph.D (Senior Director, Target Discovery)

Toni Kline

Senior Director Chemistry

Biology, Chemistry and Drug Discovery

Andrei Popescu

Ph.D. (Senior Scientist II)

Sourabh Banerjee 

Ph.D. (Senior Scientist II)

Sylvain Baron

 Ph.D. (Senior Scientist II)

Swetha Mohan
Ph.D. (Scientist II)

Padmaja Anand

Ph.D. (Scientist)

Yogavalli Poobalan

M.S. (Senior Research  Associate)

Aaron Francis

(Research Associate II)

Manogna Subbaraj

M.Tech. (Research Associate)

Norfala-Aliah Binte Sutrisnoh
(Research Associate)

Computation and Machine Learning

Kai-Yuan Chen
Ph.D. (Principal Bioinformatics Scientist)

Shawn Yost

Ph.D. (Senior Bioinformatics Scientist)

Oliver Purcell 

Ph.D. (Senior Bioinformatics Scientist)

Siting Zhang

Ph.D. (Bioinformatics Scientist)

Mohan Pradhan
Ph.D. (Bioinformatics Scientist)

Somja Nair

M.S. (Scientific Data Curator)


Lim Han Leng

(Regional Finance Director)

Jamie Ng

(Finance and Operations Manager)

Valeria Koh


Key Advisors

Daphne Teo

M.S. (Co-Founder)

Darin Baur

J.D. (Senior Advisor, Corporate Finance)

Rinko Ghosh MBA

(Senior Advisor, Strategy and Business)

Leon Chen

Ph.D. (Board Director)

Our Investors

      WE ARE HIRING    


If you find our science and mission exciting, are keen to work with an innovative biotech start-up in scientific or business roles, and feel that you can be a valuable member of our team, please contact us.


We are currently recruiting:

  • Bioinformatics Scientist / Computational Biologist

       More info  here


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Partners and Collaborators

Our platform accelerates and broadens critical areas of drug discovery, including but not limited to Target Discovery, Drug Repositioning and Repurposing, Pathway/MoA Analysis. We work on collaborative research and development, and we also have a burgeoning pipeline of preclinical assets in numerous disease indications. We are developing these programs internally and with partners.  We are committed to partnering and have an active collaboration with a prominent American Fortune 500 company and leading research institutions.


To learn more about partnering opportunities, please contact us

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About Us

Engine Biosciences is a venture-backed San Francisco- and Asia-based technology company pioneering network biomedicine. Our proprietary and patented technologies oriented around deciphering the complexity of biology networks include both high-throughput wet lab experimentation and artificial intelligence algorithms for drug discovery and cellular reprogramming. This platform, developed through several years of research by our scientific founding and leadership team who include faculty members at MIT, Harvard, Mayo Clinic, and UCSD, dramatically accelerates and reduces costs of the R&D process for new medical therapies.  We are actively applying the platform internally and with partners across a range of disease indications.

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