Pipeline & Outputs

We have discovered over thirty previously unidentified precision medicine opportunities with validation data.  These enable new first-in-class / best-in-class therapeutics, as well as clinical value creation for investigational drugs with our differentiated patient selection biomarkers and indications.  We are advancing our proprietary insights and assets towards clinical translation.

Rich pipeline of therapeutic programs, each featuring a novel target + biomarker combination

Programs Features and Clinical Opportunities Target / Biomarker ID Target / Biomarker Validation Lead ID Lead Opt IND-enabling Clinical
Precision Oncology ENB-812

  • Single agent with biomarkers
  • Combinations with standard-of-care and DDR agents
  • Ovarian, Liver, Colorectal, Prostate, Lung + other tumors
  • ENB-824

  • Solid tumors, inc. Lung, Liver
  • ENB-838

  • Solid tumors, inc. Ovarian, Colorectal, Lung
  • ENB-255

  • Triple negative breast cancer
  • 15+ Programs

  • Novel biomarkers for external clinical compounds
  • 12 first-in-class potential with biomarkers
  • Neurology

  • Tauopathies (e.g. AD, FTD, PSP)
  • Druggable targets
  • Collaboration with KOL (UCSF)
  • Examples of how Engine’s discoveries deliver anti-cancer efficacy in selective genetic contexts

    Benchmark: FDA-approved biomarker for oncology drug

    CDK12 silencing leads to up to 17X sensitivity to PARPi

    ER-positive breast cancer cells

    Engine-discovered precision oncology programs

    Biomarker leads to 150X sensitivity to PKMYT1 inhibitor

    Prostate cancer cells

    Biomarker leads to 100X sensitivity to clinical BET inhibitor

    Colorectal cancer cells

    Engine-discovered precision oncology programs

    Biomarker sensitization and selective anti-cancer efficacy demonstrated in in vivo isogenic models

    Colorectal cancer xenograft

    Anti-cancer efficacy observed in biomarker-mutant tumors in vivo

    Prostate cancer xenograft