NetMAPPR integrates computation, biology and chemistry to search expansively, validate rigorously, and prioritize for clinical and commercial potential

NetMAPPR Platform Discovery and Validation

Tightly Integrated and Iterative Computational and Experimental Platforms


  • Network biology establishing causal link between biomarker and target
  • Understanding of sensitizing and resistance factors


  • Confirmed in multiple cancer types
  • Confirmed in multiple cell lines (genetic backgrounds)

In Vitro Pharmacology

  • More sensitivity to pharmacological agent in presence of biomarker
  • Isogenic cell lines
  • Cell line / PDX panels

In Vivo Pharmacology

  • Anti-tumor efficacy in biomarker mutant settings
  • Isogenic cell line xenografts
  • PDX models

Biomarker and Clinical Relevance

  • Prevalence of biomarker mutation
  • Link to worse prognosis
  • Biomarker on approved diagnostic panel

Target and Drug Development

  • Druggable for new drug discovery campaign
  • Existing drug candidates available

NetMAPPR Computational Platform and Proprietary Knowledgebase