Biology-Led, Data-Driven, Medicines-Oriented 
Powered by Machine Learning and Biological Experimentation

Our Company

We work at the innovative edges of integrating technology and drug discovery for new and impactful medicines, inspired by the synthetic and computational biology pioneers at MIT, the Wyss Institute at Harvard, Mayo Clinic, and UCSD who helped set our foundation.

We have been operating in Singapore and San Francisco Bay Area since our earliest days, benefitting from top talent in these technology and biomedical research centers, accessing patient data and R&D capabilities, and addressing sizeable unmet needs across borders.

Our Approach

At the core, we take an engineering mindset to solving diseases and are biology-led and data-driven. Drugs are tools that modulate biology; they must target the driving factors for desired effects. Therefore, uncovering the fundamental biological components of disease early on in R&D is critical. Not only will this improve yield by de-risking efforts earlier, this will lead to better medicines. We are excited that the field is expanding the therapeutic toolkit with small molecules, antibodies, cell and gene therapies, and more technologies.  This creates even greater need and opportunities for the right biological insights to direct medicine.

We tackle the critical biological architecture of gene networks.  The 20,000 genes in our genome interact with one another in many ways, and disease often results from aberrations in multiple (not single) components in these networks. For each disease, this possibility space is enormous (billions or more) and cannot be humanly analyzed. Yet relevant data for computational analysis is often highly scarce or non-existent. We engineered our company and platform to address these issues.

Our integrated computational and experimental NetMAPPR platform generates unique data on gene networks, analyzes across millions-to-billions of gene interactions, and produces biological insights validated in well-controlled experiments, including via our patented combinatorial genetics platform, CombiGEM. We place this platform in the hands of our experienced drug discovery scientists and developers, combining human-machine intelligence and supercharging R&D. By deciphering genetic codes and identifying disease-driving errors, we empower focused discovery and development of new therapeutics and precision medicines.