Empowering New Precision Medicines for Patients
Deep Biology Insights and Drug Development Focus
Powered by Machine Learning and High-Throughput Biology

Our Company

We integrate machine learning, functional genomics, and drug discovery to enable and develop new and impactful precision medicines. Everything we do centers around patients: using specific genetic and treatment contexts to inform effective and well-tolerated therapeutics.

Our approach and foundation were solidified by synthetic and computational biology pioneers at MIT, the Wyss Institute at Harvard, Mayo Clinic, UCSF, and UCSD.  Our capabilities include: vast and curated knowledge and data bases on oncology gene interactions and synthetic lethality, proprietary combinatorial CRISPR screens, machine learning-based predictive algorithms extensively trained and iteratively enhanced by internal validation data, thorough validation across ranges of tools and models, drug discovery chemistry, and drug development.

We operate in Singapore and Silicon Valley, benefitting from top talent in these technology and biomedical centers, accessing clinical data and R&D capabilities, and addressing sizeable unmet needs across borders.

Our Investors

We are pleased to have garnered the support of leading, domain expert investors across US and Asia. Our investors include: Polaris Partners, ClavystBio (Life Sciences Venture Investor of Temasek), Invus, EDBI, 6 Dimensions, WuXi, Camford, Coronet Ventures (Cedars Sinai), WI Harper, BV, Pavilion, Vectr, Goodman Capital, and Nest.Bio.