Senior DevOps Engineer

Senior DevOps Engineer

Location: Singapore

Full Time

Engine Biosciences is a venture-backed biotechnology company discovering and developing novel therapeutics and precision medicines, utilizing a proprietary platform that integrates massively parallel biological experimentation with data science, machine learning and AI.  Led by scientific experts from MIT, Harvard, Mayo Clinic and UCSD, and successful drug developers, informaticians, and company builders, Engine is working on multiple programs and therapeutic areas and growing rapidly across US and Asia.

Working at Engine Biosciences as a DevOps Engineer, you will have a unique opportunity to combine the most recent breakthroughs in genomics, precision medicine and drug discovery with the massive computing power of AWS and data science applications, in search of new treatments for cancer and other diseases.  To be successful, you will need an intimate understanding of AWS, the ability to convey ideas in a clear manner with a strong desire to troubleshoot and build great products that enable engineers and scientist.


  • Clarify/Troubleshoot AWS-related issues from bioinformaticians, engineers and data scientists.
  • Review architecture & code to:
    • Recommend suitable AWS services and configurations for each system.
    • Ensure security was properly built in.
  • Implement passive measures for security (tighten IAM roles, network access, VPN, enable encryption, password rotation, etc.)
  • Design (or set-up third party solutions) and maintain DevSecOps CI/CD pipelines:
    • Terraform pipelines to deploy infrastructure to AWS.
    • CI/CD pipelines for back-end/data/front-end products.
    • Scanning tools to continuously detect optimization opportunities for cloud best practice implementations, inefficiencies in resources’ utilization, security monitoring and detection of potential security risks in AWS.
    • Automatic revert actions to prevent and address detected gaps.
    • Automatic cost optimization and management.

Minimum Requirement and Desired Skills/Experience

  • Minimum three years of hands-on experience in setting up/maintaining AWS infrastructure.
  • Proficient in at least one among Python, Go, and Java.  Previous experience in back-end/platform development is highly desired.
  • Proficient in Terraform, container technologies, and CI/CD.
  • Proven experience in working in cross-functional teams or projects.
  • B.Sc, in Computer Engineering or related field.

Desired Skills/Experience

  • Experience in supporting teams of more than 40 AWS users.
  • Experience in the biotech/pharma/health industry including regulatory and data privacy compliances.
  • Experience working and collaborating across multiple time zones with executive leadership, scientists, engineers and third-party vendors.
  • Experience in R programming.

This position is open to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents only.

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